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Assessment & Consultation

Do you need help deciding and finding mental health services you or a family needs such as:

  • Anger management vs marital counseling?
  • Individual therapy vs couples therapy?
  • Private therapy or educational, skill-building classes?
  • Therapy for life-long issue or brief therapy for current stress or adjustment issue?
  • Assessment of reasons for life unhappiness and discontent?
  • Causes of your anxiety or depression?

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Individual/Couples Counselling

Dr Tony is a trained marriage educator and marriage counsellor who has developed unique programs to help couples in all stages of their relationship. His approach:

  • Focus on positives instead of problems
  • Explore solutions instead of fixating on blame
  • Teaches individual responsibility
  • Find ways to live with each other
  • Learn skills to deal with marriage issues instead of dwelling in the past

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Local Classes

With a partner, Dr. Fiore has developed a new model of anger management, teaching individuals and couples eight tools of anger control. This can be done in private sessions, small classes (groups) held weekly, or in bi-monthly “fast-track" weekend intensive classes.

These programs are perfect for those with relationship anger, workplace anger, family anger or road rage. These short classes teach specific, concrete skills for dealing with angry feelings and communicating more effectively with others.

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Classes in Long Beach and Newport Beach, CA

Anger Classes in Long Beach and Newport Beach, CA. We also offer distance-learning online programs.

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Skype Sessions Available

If you require anger management consultation or couples and marriage counselling, I can now offer these individualized services to anyone in the world. Contact me at 714-745-1393 to schedule a Skype call.

Distance Learning

Need a convenient way to take anger management? Need to improve your relationship? We offer cost-effective, simple and convenient courses for you.

AngerCoach Online classes are perfect for individuals seeking personal development, or to satisfy a court or workplace requirement.

The MarriageClass Online teaches you the eight tools of a positive marriage, and the habits of a successful marriage, based on cutting-edge research. Using videos, audio and text, it is perfect for any couple that needs to reduce conflict, improve communication, or save their relationship.

Online Anger Management
online marriage/couples class

Welcome to Dr.!

Welcome to the practice and programs of Dr. Tony Fiore. I am a California Licensed Psychologist (Lic # PSY6670), marriage therapist, personal coach, and anger management expert. My clinical practices are located in Newport Beach and Long Beach, California.

At these locations, I offer:

  • Consultation and assessment
  • Individual and marriage/couples therapy
  • Private anger management counseling
  • Weekly anger management classes for both voluntary and court-appointed clients. Click here for more information.
Couples Institute Developmental Model

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call 714-745-1393 or email us using the form below.

For those outside our service area, we now offer distance-learning programs in anger management and marriage/couples education.

10 and 16-hour online anger management classes. Click here for more information or to enroll.

New Online Marriage Education class for couples. Learn the marriage skills that separate successful couples from others. Click here for more information and to enroll.

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