Professional Fees and Fee Policy

Professional Fees and Fee Policy

Psychologists schedule differently than many other health practitioners in that we reserve a session time just for you when you schedule an appointment without a waiting room full of people who can take your place if you late cancel or no-show for an appointment. Dr Fiore is very busy and could have put someone else in your slot with proper notification. Therefore, we ask that you sign and agree to the following appointment policy:

I require 48 hours notice of cancellation of a scheduled appointment. Appointments can be cancelled anytime by leaving a message at 714-745-1393.

If you no-show or cancel with less than 48 hours notice, your credit card will be charged for my full session fee (usually $180), unless you can fit into another open slot within the same week.

This fee must be paid before we schedule another appointment.

Fee Schedule For Provided Services

The fees for all services are based on usual and customary fees for psychologists in Southern California.

Clinical Services:
Private Consultation: $180 per session unless I have a contract with your insurance provider, in which case, that contracted amount is the full fee.

Individual Therapy: $180 per session unless I have a contract with your insurance provider, in which case, that contracted amount is the full fee.

Marriage or Couples Therapy. Marriage therapy is a process that has several stages as follows:

  • Initial Visit: I usually see partners together the first time for a 45 minute session, unless one of the partners is unable or unwilling to attend. If both attend, we can bill insurance for services for one of the partners; in this case, the other partner will be responsible for the difference between whatever the insurance pays and $180.00 per session. For instance, if your insurance pays $100 per session, the cost to your partner will be $50 per session that he or she attends with you. (Even if you both have insurance, we cannot bill both insurances for the same 45 minute session.)
  • Individual Sessions as part of Couples Therapy. After the initial visit, I usually see each partner separately for at least one session. In terms of fees, this is considered individual therapy as described above.
  • Conjoint (Together) sessions. In most sessions I will see you as a couple for 45 minutes. The fee for this is the same as described above for the Initial Visit.

Financial Policy and Fees Download this form to read, print and fill out